Too lazy to……Sort out my Snail-mail

One noticeable  change in my life between my tween years to my twenties is my attitude towards snail-mail.

During my tween years, I loved getting mail because it meant, ‘brown paper packages tied up with strings.’  (Please no one make snide remarks about a great classic)  Usually, it involved a card, a present – or even both.  To a child, this meant personal attention and I reveled in it!

Once I hit my twenties however, snail-mail automatically became associated with invoices, parking fines, or unwanted advertising material (compounded by the phenomenon that no one seems to send things in the mail anymore – aside from the occasional wedding invite, thank you and Christmas cards.  Sad story indeed.)  As there is no incentive whatsoever to open my mail (you can guess the content from the none-too-well-disguised envelopes) I  began to encounter real problems for my lazy self – such as forgetting to pay invoices, losing invoices and worse still…..not opening letters of love declarations until years later (just kidding).  Here are the lazy person’s step for dealing with your mail!

1) Realise that this is a must-do job (there are real consequences if you don’t, eg. fines) and not an optional job (ordering your books in height order might be aesthetically pleasing but there are no real consequences if you don’t).

2) Designate a place where you will put all your mail after you collect them from the mailbox, but don’t open them right away unless it looks urgent.  I use a pretty vintage-styled  mailbox.…but  a basket, a shoebox or any container will do.  Now, I choose to free myself from the need to open my mail right away.  Giving myself permission to not open my mail, is the only way to ensure that I will actually put away my mail.  Afterall, how hard is it to take the mail from the postbox and put it in the correct place, provided you don’t have to read it?

3)  Designate half an hour a week to sort out your mail.  I do this on a Saturday afternoon over a cup of tea (incentive).  Each time you open an envelope, you have to follow-through with whatever action the correspondence requires.  Do not put it aside.  If it’s an invoice, pay it.  If it’s a survey, complete it.  You get the gist.

4)  File away.  I use a pretty folder with tabs.  The moral of the story is : keep.  Be a hoarder.   Trust me, you will need it in the future!  If you don’t have it, murphy’s law will apply.

Tadaa – good luck!

PS I wish I got paid for product placements, but I don’t.  The mentioned items are simply things that I enjoy, and I hope you do too!

Photo Credit: Kikki K


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