Too Lazy To…….Be Healthy (Part 1 Breakfast and Cereals)

It is intuitive to most people why it is desirable to be healthy!  We want to live longer.  We want to have more energy.  We want to look better.  We want to feel good….etc, etc, etc.

However, healthy living is one of the hardest things to stick to as a ‘grown-up’.  Ever noticed how much easier it was as a kid to eat well, sleep on time, and exercise!  One of the main reasons is that there were no other options!  There were only so many sports classes you can skip, and only so many times you can get away with reading in bed past your bedtime before parentals found out.

The key to incorporating healthy living into your routine as an adult is to set half-hearted goals which you complete full-heartedly.  What I mean is that instead of wanting to improve all parts of your life at once, just focus on one part and work incrementally.  The problem with most healthy-living plans is that they require you to live as a ‘perfect person’ for two full weeks up to a month or more.  I don’t know about you, but I usually last about 2 days…. and once I ‘stuff up’ by eating a chocolate bar on the 3rd day, I give up on the whole plan and feel worse than when I started 😦

Healthy living involves both eating well and participating in regular exercise.  If you’re lazy like me, it’s easier to improve on the eating well first.  And if eating well three times a day proves to be too difficult, try focusing on breakfast.

1. Don’t skip breakfast.  (Obvious I know.  Plan it, Eat it)

2. Read the labels on your breakfast cereals.  (It’s scary how much sugar or salt they pack into some of these things!)  Simple guide on how to read labels:

Make comparisons using the per 100g column rather than the per serving size column.

Positives include:  wholegrains, dietary fibres.

Negatives include:  sugar (okay if dried fruit is included), sodium, saturated fat, other additives.

3.  If you are too lazy to read labels, and if you live in Melbourne, try the 100% Australian Muesli (Meet the Maker Gourmet Products) you can get this at Farmer’s markets.  The fruit are dried in orange juice which gives it a real kick!  Definitely one of the yummiest cereals I’ve had (and I’m not usually a fan).  What’s more you are supporting local farmers and contributing to more sustainable living! Image




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