The Lazy Person’s Guide to Trying Something New (Singing)

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.” ―Yip Harburg

I find singing both the easiest and hardest instrument to master.  Easy because it is accessible for most people.  You don’t need to buy an expensive instrument, or take out insurance for that matter, before you can start.  Hard because the instrument is not ready made.  It needs to be trained up gradually (and your health is crucial to its upkeep).

Few suggestions for those starting out:

  • Join a workshop (if you’re not sure whether you’re committed to getting lessons yet).  One of the best ones I’ve been to are held by The Idea of North.  There’s no pressure to do any solo singing.  They give excellent bite-sized tips on warm-ups, exercises and how to maintain your vocal health.  It’s exciting talking to those who sing for a living and still maintains that passion!  Plus they’re extremely personable and a joy to talk to.
  • Drink water.  And some more.
  • Practice.  Often and much (everyone sounds like an opera singer in the shower).
  • Never strain your voice.  If something feels unnatural, stop.  Your vocal range is something that develops overtime.
  • Breathe!  Don’t forget to breathe.  And when you breathe, don’t raise your shoulders.
  • And the most important one – enjoy yourself!  That’s why we sing 🙂

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