The Lazy Person’s Guide to Trying Something New (Fitness Classes – Cycling)

Fitness Classes scare me almost as much as my Art Gallery experiences.  But like many instances in life, the fear factor comes from the unknown.  Hence, the first visit is by far the scariest.  So…… here it is – the good, bad and the ugly of cycling classes for first time adventurers!


  • It burns a lot of energy!  One of the better classes for cardio fitness.  You will definitely feel the endorphins -the riveting I have truly worked out and can eat five bowls of pasta right now kind of feeling.
  • It is fun.  Please note that this is quite a significant statement as I am not the type of person to put fun and exercise in the same sentence.  The instructors take you on a simulated bike ride, through commentaries such as, ‘Imagine you are ridding on a flat, neighbourhood road to the corner coffee shop.’ (Although this can sometimes provoke unkind thoughts from me, such as puhlease can you not be so happy!)  I truly don’t know how the instructors can do such an exhausting ride, talk at the same time and still have a smile on their face.  Respect.


  • It really illuminates for me how unfit I am.
  • Don’t expect to look anything like your normal self after the class.  Think bright red face, sticky hair, and aroma punity (a term coined by my friend).  Definitely not the time to meet your crush.


  • When the instructor asks at the beginning of the class whether anyone is here for the first time- say YES!  Don’t sit there feeling shy and thinking, uh, surely I can catch on.  Afterall, how hard can bike-riding be!  WRONG.  You want all the help you can get with setting up your bike and any explanation as to why you look silly at times.
  • Get to class early.  You want sufficient time to set up the bike.  Trust me, you want your bike to be comfortable……otherwise it’s going to be one painful hour and yonder.
  • Throughout the class, you will be asked to turn up the ‘juice’ – which is a rather strange term for turning up the resistance.  Now, for the lazy ones out there (aka me), you may be tempted to not turn up the resistance to make life easier for yourself.  WRONG AGAIN.  When you are going up the hill (ie. when the instructor shouts, ‘up’! and everyone rides standing up), you will be grateful for resistance….because otherwise you will fall off the bike.
  • Bring a water bottle and sweat towel – you will need it.

If you have any other tips or comments, please let me know.  I’m all ears!



  1. Great tips! Especially the ones about showing up early and talking with your instructor about getting the bike set up correctly – there are a lot of little adjustments on the bike that can make a HUGE difference!
    And trust me, we instructors may seem all happy and like the work we’re putting you through is nothing to us – but trust me, we’re pushing ourselves right along side you. We just get really good at knowing when to take that deep breath to make it through whatever we have to tell you what to do without passing out 😉

    • HAHA Respect for any cycling instructors – sometimes they lead other classes in the same day too. I have no idea how you guys do it! Thanks for dropping by – I’m enjoying reading your blog too! 🙂

      • We’re all a little crazy – that’s how we do it! Believe it or not, I actually LIKE teaching two classes in a row (different formats – I’ve done the two cycle classes in a row a few times, and that will KICK YOUR BUTT – we’re talking go home and take a nap afterward)!

  2. LOL ” you will be grateful for resistance….because otherwise you will fall off the bike.`” I did exactly that, I wondered why everyone could stand up and ride and I kept falling off, I just thought it was that my balance was rubbish! interesting article, will have to check out your blog more often. Rich.

    • I’m very glad to hear that I am not the only one! For me, it’s probably a mixture of both – rubbish balance plus no resistance. Serves me right for being lazy in the class, which totally defies the purpose of exercising in the first place. Thanks for checking out my blog too!

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