Spring Clean Your Heart – Get Rid of Jealousy

If you live Down-Under, we’re one month into Spring! (Yay – although it barely feels like it).  Whilst most of us will spend some time in our lives cleaning the house, cleaning the car, cleaning the mailbox etc, not many of us will  consciously pause to take inventory of the state of our heart.  Sometimes niggling, not so pleasant, emotions harbour there and can slowly grow into something  which eats away at our relationships with others and also with ourselves.
I used to think that jealousy was a teenage emotion and something which I had grown out of.  However, just last month the green eyed monster reared its ugly head.  The situation was fairly quickly resolved, as the person involved sensed the distance between us and cared enough to initiate a conversation about it.  I came to realise that all my worries were figments of my over-active imagination and that I was doing the other person a dis-favour by not raising the issue with them and giving them an opportunity to speak.

Coincidentally, a couple of days ago, I read this article on Jealousy, Relationships, and the voices in Your Head which fleshes out the undercurrents of jealousy.  I love sharing things that I find helpful.  It’s true, ‘a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.’ (Tim Ferriss)

Go on.  Have that conversation – even if you anticipate it to be awkward.  It’s almost never as bad as the scenario in your head.


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