Travel Guide

Here is another idea which I am starting (and which I will hopefully finish):  travel guides.  The idea is that there will be a one page travel guide for each destination sprouting off from the ‘pages’ section.  The key is that it will be short (if you wanted to read a whole book on it, you’d buy one).  It won’t give you details of hows and whats or whys (cause I believe you are clever enough to google that yourself).  It will give you a short run-down of the most enjoyable moments in each destination, as subjectively experienced by me.  Further descriptions of what is mentioned on these pages (if any) will be hyperlinked to a blog post (if I think it’s worthwhile).  

First off the block:  Singapore


The Best of Guide: Stain Remover for Clothes

Life hacks are great.  You feel like you’re powering up in life.  I’ve decided to do a new ‘Best of’ Guide – best product in each category.  Totally biased and totally location specific to Melbourne (although products may be found in other countries).  First off the bat here…..

Best Stain Remover for Clothes:  SARD Wonder Stick

I’m a fairly messy eater and I wear a lot of white clothes……Particularly when I eat dumplings, I will inevitably splatter a few drops of soy sauce and vinegar onto the brand new white dress that I had saved up for.

SARD wonder stick (for want of a better phrase), does wonders.  It’s like a large glue stick and you just roll it over the stain and leave it there for awhile before chucking it in the wash.  It treats stains that have been there for up to seven days and is uber easy to use.

Now to be fair, I can’t call something the Best when I haven’t tried any other type of wonder stick…AND I don’t know if it works for really stubborn stains (like a massive blob of tomato sauce or something).  But for the types of stains I commonly encounter, this does the trick.




Christmas feels too far away. This song perfectly captures the vibe of the season and makes it seem that much closer 🙂 The animation is seriously beautiful…..enjoy x

I succumbed…… to Kindle

Yesterday, I succumbed.  I finally bought…….a kindle.  After resisting for a good year (and coming THIS close to buying a refurbished one from Big W last year), this momentus day I walked into Dick Smiths to buy an itunes card and came out with a kindle.  This is what persuaded me.

I have always prided myself on being a book-loving sort.  Not just any book loving sort, but the type who revels in the smell of the book and the feel of the pages.  I concluded that those who read from kindles were somehow less of a book lover and weren’t worthy book worms.  Add on top of this, the administration of several well-known bookstores.  I felt that life was indeed becoming You’ve Got Mail and I’ve got to do my bit in standing against these supermarket-styled book giants.

In the end, it all came down to costs and storage.

Pre-1923 books are free.  Sometimes you’ve just got to come to grips with the unromantic notion that money talks.  I like classics.  I read classics.  Penguin classics cost me AUD 9.95 per copy.  I easily buy 10 – 20 copies a year.  Download 10 classics and there’s the price of my kindle right there.  In fact, I can MAKE money off the kindle- if I buy 11 classics, it would already be the negative price of the kindle (Warped logic I know.  This is called post-rationalisation).

Storage was the other factor.  I recently travelled to Singapore via Jetstar.  I had a15kg luggage limit – almost one third of which was taken up by the weight of books.  This is not good.  Particularly, when you’re a reader who switches between books depending on mood swings.    

So there we have it.  I am now a kindle-reading sort.  So far, so good ….