I succumbed…… to Kindle

Yesterday, I succumbed.  I finally bought…….a kindle.  After resisting for a good year (and coming THIS close to buying a refurbished one from Big W last year), this momentus day I walked into Dick Smiths to buy an itunes card and came out with a kindle.  This is what persuaded me.

I have always prided myself on being a book-loving sort.  Not just any book loving sort, but the type who revels in the smell of the book and the feel of the pages.  I concluded that those who read from kindles were somehow less of a book lover and weren’t worthy book worms.  Add on top of this, the administration of several well-known bookstores.  I felt that life was indeed becoming You’ve Got Mail and I’ve got to do my bit in standing against these supermarket-styled book giants.

In the end, it all came down to costs and storage.

Pre-1923 books are free.  Sometimes you’ve just got to come to grips with the unromantic notion that money talks.  I like classics.  I read classics.  Penguin classics cost me AUD 9.95 per copy.  I easily buy 10 – 20 copies a year.  Download 10 classics and there’s the price of my kindle right there.  In fact, I can MAKE money off the kindle- if I buy 11 classics, it would already be the negative price of the kindle (Warped logic I know.  This is called post-rationalisation).

Storage was the other factor.  I recently travelled to Singapore via Jetstar.  I had a15kg luggage limit – almost one third of which was taken up by the weight of books.  This is not good.  Particularly, when you’re a reader who switches between books depending on mood swings.    

So there we have it.  I am now a kindle-reading sort.  So far, so good …. 


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