I’m Engaged!

I have some exciting and personal news to share.  As of three Fridays ago, I’m engaged!  The proposal ties perfectly into our story.  Having had our first date at a museum, my fiance ingeniously co-opted another museum to put the ring inside one of the exhibits when we visited one year later.  But what matters more to me than the personal proposal and the beautiful ring is that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  I love that he is brutally honest about instances when I’m wrong……he is quick to listen and slow to become angry, he makes my heart beat really really fast and he makes me laugh!

What makes this engagement even more surreal is that two birthdays ago, I was sitting down…dreaming about my future and planning a life for myself (complete with Beyonce’s single lady as the doorbell tune)  – intentionally deciding to be content in my singleness, to give my time to worthy causes and to be generous with the resources I have been blessed with.  In hindsight I realised that season of singleness was a massive season for growth.  Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs (figuratively) to find yourself and your prince!




Travel Guide: Egypt

The travel guide to Egypt is now available right here.  It’s been awhile, but the memories are still fresh.