Best Of Guide: Clothing – Basics

The best (clothing) investment that a girl can make is to purchase good quality staples.  A simple white tee with a statement necklace teamed with boyfriend jeans shouts weekend outfit.

Recently, I was delighted to discover the Coles Mix Apparel.  The cut is perfect, they withstands more than a few washes and is very affordable.  I’ve been wearing the basic crew neck long sleeves top non-stop!  I’ve tried layering it under a vest (for the I’m walking my dog look), with a cosy scarf and jeans (for the I’m meeting my friends look) and even with my leggings to my Pilates classes (for the gym look)

I’m loving this supermarket revolution- go Coles!



Photos from:  Mix Apparel


The Best of Guide: Hot Chips

My first part time job was at a local fish and chips shop.  I acquired a lot of life skills during my time there- one of which was how to make minimum chips to perfection.  This piece of (useless) information was intended to persuade you to arrive at the conclusion that I am well qualified to judge what constitutes good chips.  Anyway, without further ado – recently I was pleasantly surprised by the hot chips offering available at Grilled!  Rosemary and sea salt – an unusual combination which completely works!


The Best of Guide: Stain Remover for Clothes

Life hacks are great.  You feel like you’re powering up in life.  I’ve decided to do a new ‘Best of’ Guide – best product in each category.  Totally biased and totally location specific to Melbourne (although products may be found in other countries).  First off the bat here…..

Best Stain Remover for Clothes:  SARD Wonder Stick

I’m a fairly messy eater and I wear a lot of white clothes……Particularly when I eat dumplings, I will inevitably splatter a few drops of soy sauce and vinegar onto the brand new white dress that I had saved up for.

SARD wonder stick (for want of a better phrase), does wonders.  It’s like a large glue stick and you just roll it over the stain and leave it there for awhile before chucking it in the wash.  It treats stains that have been there for up to seven days and is uber easy to use.

Now to be fair, I can’t call something the Best when I haven’t tried any other type of wonder stick…AND I don’t know if it works for really stubborn stains (like a massive blob of tomato sauce or something).  But for the types of stains I commonly encounter, this does the trick.