Fabulous Round-up Fridays

Been pondering whether to buy that new dress?  This cost-per-wear calculator may just tip you one way or another. 

After twenty-six years of living, I finally figured out the difference between affect and effect.  Thanks Grammar Girl.

Missy Higgins.  Pure Aussie Wonder.  On Repeat:  The Special Two

The Light Bulb reinvented.

Don’t forget to breathe in and smile:









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Fabulous Round Up Fridays…..

  • Open House Melbourne is happening next weekend on 28 and 29 July!  My picks (from experience) include Manchester Unity Building and Capitol Theatre.  Don’t miss this gem of an event.  NB.  Some buildings are balloted and some have massive lines – do you homework and plan ahead using the website.
  • Winter’s well and truly here.  Get your knitting on!  Easy, free patterns for woolly scarves and other favourites at justb.
  • For the photography lovers – flashback in time.
  • Nerd’s Eye View – a travel blog that reminds me of the power of story-telling.

Photo Credit: TimeOut

Fabulous Round-up Fridays…..

One of the many delights about my workplace is that we (informally) participate in Fabulous Shoes Fridays – where we wear fabulous shoes on Fridays (this is rocket science).  In an effort to be more intentional about my blogging, I am committing to Fabulous Round-up Fridays – where I download thoughts that have crossed my mind during the week.  So if you’ve been too lazy or too busy during the week to notice the happenings outside your world, this will give you a taste!

  • Not being the most fashion savvy girl in the world, I’ve only just begun to notice that coloured fashion tights are the next (or past) big thing.  I ordered a greeny-teal-coloured variety from ebay and wore them for the first time today.  There was a genius moment when I looked down at my legs and thought this is what Elphaba wore in Wicked. 
  • Different Kinds of Happy a sweet song about the beauty of a covenant promise.
  • Never be too busy to notice the struggles of those around you:  Stress Down Day.
  • Tom & Katie’s divorce.  Breaking up is hard.  Breaking up in the public arena is harder.  Breaking up and being told that your divorce was a ‘lucky strike’ is not warranted.
  • Going on holidays?  Some rules to fly by to avoid your luggage going missing.
  • Darrell Lea calls in administrator.
  • New York Times Favourite Chocolate Chip Cookies – they’re my favourite too.
  • Learn something- Futurist till Forty
  • An exercise to warm up, repair your voice and expand your range: Sirening.
  • Spontaneous brunch outing at Palomine (236 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne) – bliss.