Recommendation: Flight of the Conchords – Charity Song

The first time I was introduced to Flights of the Conchords – I was taken aback because….well, let’s just say they don’t beat around the bush. However, since that time, they have very much grown on me….

This clip is very long but trust me – stick it out! It is awfully cute and one of the best videos I’ve seen on youtube for quite awhile (PS this was released some time ago, but something reminded me of this today!)


I’m Engaged!

I have some exciting and personal news to share.  As of three Fridays ago, I’m engaged!  The proposal ties perfectly into our story.  Having had our first date at a museum, my fiance ingeniously co-opted another museum to put the ring inside one of the exhibits when we visited one year later.  But what matters more to me than the personal proposal and the beautiful ring is that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  I love that he is brutally honest about instances when I’m wrong……he is quick to listen and slow to become angry, he makes my heart beat really really fast and he makes me laugh!

What makes this engagement even more surreal is that two birthdays ago, I was sitting down…dreaming about my future and planning a life for myself (complete with Beyonce’s single lady as the doorbell tune)  – intentionally deciding to be content in my singleness, to give my time to worthy causes and to be generous with the resources I have been blessed with.  In hindsight I realised that season of singleness was a massive season for growth.  Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs (figuratively) to find yourself and your prince!



Travel Guide

Here is another idea which I am starting (and which I will hopefully finish):  travel guides.  The idea is that there will be a one page travel guide for each destination sprouting off from the ‘pages’ section.  The key is that it will be short (if you wanted to read a whole book on it, you’d buy one).  It won’t give you details of hows and whats or whys (cause I believe you are clever enough to google that yourself).  It will give you a short run-down of the most enjoyable moments in each destination, as subjectively experienced by me.  Further descriptions of what is mentioned on these pages (if any) will be hyperlinked to a blog post (if I think it’s worthwhile).  

First off the block:  Singapore



Christmas feels too far away. This song perfectly captures the vibe of the season and makes it seem that much closer 🙂 The animation is seriously beautiful…..enjoy x

I succumbed…… to Kindle

Yesterday, I succumbed.  I finally bought…….a kindle.  After resisting for a good year (and coming THIS close to buying a refurbished one from Big W last year), this momentus day I walked into Dick Smiths to buy an itunes card and came out with a kindle.  This is what persuaded me.

I have always prided myself on being a book-loving sort.  Not just any book loving sort, but the type who revels in the smell of the book and the feel of the pages.  I concluded that those who read from kindles were somehow less of a book lover and weren’t worthy book worms.  Add on top of this, the administration of several well-known bookstores.  I felt that life was indeed becoming You’ve Got Mail and I’ve got to do my bit in standing against these supermarket-styled book giants.

In the end, it all came down to costs and storage.

Pre-1923 books are free.  Sometimes you’ve just got to come to grips with the unromantic notion that money talks.  I like classics.  I read classics.  Penguin classics cost me AUD 9.95 per copy.  I easily buy 10 – 20 copies a year.  Download 10 classics and there’s the price of my kindle right there.  In fact, I can MAKE money off the kindle- if I buy 11 classics, it would already be the negative price of the kindle (Warped logic I know.  This is called post-rationalisation).

Storage was the other factor.  I recently travelled to Singapore via Jetstar.  I had a15kg luggage limit – almost one third of which was taken up by the weight of books.  This is not good.  Particularly, when you’re a reader who switches between books depending on mood swings.    

So there we have it.  I am now a kindle-reading sort.  So far, so good …. 


Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper

As usual, my boyfriend is right. He has been telling me for months that one needs to scrape one’s tongue. I thought this was a useless and redundant activity. The mag at my hairdressers proved me wrong.

the folks at Kinfolk

A few days ago, I participated in some market research slash retail therapy, as a little treat to myself after a slightly stress-filled but productive week at work.  To my delight the supercool (a mobile emporium) popped up at my local shopping center.  It was there that I stumbled across Kinfolk – a guide for small gatherings- created by a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings.  Delightful and very sweet.


Invest in the human family.  Invest in people.  Build a little community of those you love and who love you.  ~Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Photo Credit:  Kinfolk

Counting down to Christmas…..

 Often, I whinge about stores advertising for Christmas prematurely and playing carols in the mall waaaaay before the season is on anyone’s radar.  This year however, I’ve been counting down to Christmas.  A series of events in my life have prompted me to consider what are the bedrocks in my life.  I can’t wait to spend Christmas with family and people special to me, celebrating Christ’s birth.  It’s never too early to savour life’s moments, to treat love ones well and to speak what you mean. x

Photo from Haley Sheffield.